How to Measure Retail Store Conversion Rate with Shopify POS

Make the most of your Shopify POS by using it to measure the conversion rate for your retail store.

How can you calculate the retail conversion rate?

If you haven’t calculated the retail conversion rate before, you may be confused about what it is. The conversion rate is simply the percentage of people who bought something from your store out of all the possible people who could have purchased at that particular time. Or, to illustrate it as a formula:

Number of People Who Bought Something / Total Number of Store Visitors x 100

So, let’s say your store drew in 400 customers last Saturday, and 80 of them bought something. Your store’s conversion rate for that day was:

80 / 400 x 100 = 20%

In other words, 20% of the potential customers who walked into your store that day left having made a purchase.

Dor - People Counting Dashboard

Did you know that a 1% increase in your store’s conversion rate can mean a 10% increase in revenue?

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Why is conversion rate important for retailers?

Shopify POS

Although not every retailer makes use of the conversion rate, it is an essential indicator of store performance.

To return to our example above, if you as the store manager only knew that 80 people purchased at your store last Saturday, it may not hold much meaning on its own—but knowing that your store managed to convince only 20% of its visitors to make a purchase may prove useful information.

You can then begin to analyze what types of purchases those 20% made and devise ways to get more customers buying something from your store.

How to measure conversion rate with Shopify POS

Dor - People Counter

If you’re one of the many retailers that use the Shopify POS app, you’re in luck! You can easily use the system you already have in place to start measuring conversion rates.

The only thing you’ll need is a people counter, like Dor's thermal-sensing, battery-operated people counter that can be installed in just minutes by any store owner.

Once you’ve installed your people counter, all you have to do is pull up your Shopify dashboard, and from there, it’s just a one-click integration to start tracking in-store foot traffic and calculating your conversion rate.

How can you increase the retail conversion rate?

One of the easiest ways to increase retail conversion rate is simply to draw more people into your store while increasing your customers' shopping experience.

Even changing up your window displays and giving your store a fresh coat of paint can work wonders to draw in more customers.

Another foolproof way to get more people buying from your store is to train your staff in the art of being friendly and helpful without seeming pushy. A great customer experience will go a long way in turning store visitors into lifelong customers.

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