Increase your marketing performance with Dor

47% of marketing spend is left unjustified.
The smartest way to decide where and how to spend your marketing budget is to track your foot traffic and see the correlation.
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Why Dor?

  • Peel and stick thermal sensor over your door and start counting your foot traffic right away. No installation, no technical requirements.
  • Measure the success of your marketing campaign with your hourly, daily and weekly foot traffic reports.
  • One-click integration with your POS enables you to view sales, foot traffic, and conversion rate all in one place.
  • Dor Sensor

    Empower your store

    Easily integrate Dor to your Engage121 dashboard and see your foot traffic and sales data based on your recent marketing campaigns. Never miss any opportunity to increase your store performance.

    empower your store

    Start measuring your store performance now

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