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Meet the world’s first thermal sensing, battery-operated people counter.

Grow your retail business by understanding your in-store traffic, peak hours, conversion rates and marketing effectiveness.

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Watch How Dor Works

2000+ retail stores are increasing their sales performance with Dor

After working with Dor, I’ve learned that even a 10% drop in conversion rate costs my business from $5,000 to $7,000 depending on foot traffic. Without Dor, I couldn’t know how much money walked out the door.

Adam Scott President, Clothes Mentor

I love that Dor and Shopify integrate seamlessly. Having conversion stats at my fingertips helps me set goals for my team and me. It’s one of the most essential tools I use to maximize sales and plan staffing needs.

Kate Calder Owner, Communitie Marfa

We love using Dor! It is magic. We cannot even figure out how it is so precise. I cannot wait to have more data under our belts to really put the numbers to work. This is going to help us dramatically with staffing, store hours, and employee/salesperson evaluation.

Johnny Freeman Founder, Johnny Fly Co.

Hardware that scales with you

Get data faster with the world’s first thermal-sensing, battery-operated people counter
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Tech that doesn’t slow you down

With zero reliance on your in-store network, Dor sets up in minutes. Just peel and stick on your entrances and we’ll do the rest. Dor’s proprietary thermal technology and advanced machine-learning algorithms ensure consistently accurate counts with no calibration needed, so you can focus on what really matters in your stores: your customers.

Tech for one or one thousand locations

Deployment speed

  • Ships in days, sets up in minutes
  • Install the battery-operated sensor yourself without wires or technicians
  • Deploy to 100% of your stores


  • Machine learning enhances accuracy on every door in any condition
  • Thermal sensors protect customer privacy
  • Actionable data automatically available at your fingertips on your dashboard
Download the datasheet for detailed hardware specs

Software built for swift action

Get easy, constant access to foot traffic trends for all of your locations, then track how operational decisions create change for your business.
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Equip your whole team to succeed with true visibility

Data is only valuable if you can access it on your terms. Unite your company’s stakeholders on a smart dashboard they can use to analyze multiple date ranges and stores while factoring in seasonality so they can keep their finger to the pulse of the most important metrics in your business: Foot traffic counts, conversion rates and revenue per store.

Get a powerful perspective on store performance

Actionable Insights

  • View how your most important business metrics are trending across any date range
  • Compare metrics across different date ranges and compare store-by-store performance
  • Get conversion rate insights with direct or custom point-of-sale integrations

Data flexibility

  • View, analyze and download your cloud-based data anytime
  • Power your own business intelligence tools seamlessly with API support
  • Invite unlimited users while having full control over role-based access within your organization
Download datasheet for detailed software specs

Integrate with anything

Use Dor's API to integrate your foot traffic data into the systems your organization is already using.

Get up and running quickly

Integrate with our REST API to access all of your data in one place. Easily integrate with BI tools or on-premise software to get the most out of your data.

View the API documentation to get started

Support from a true partner

Our team is here to support your journey from discovery to data-driven decision making — and beyond. Let’s discover and replicate what works in your stores together.
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Don’t plan your next big initiative alone

Your customers are already telling you what they want. Through their engagement with your brand, they’re leaving patterns and trends behind them. With the right tool in hand to capture those trends, and the right partner dedicated to supporting your long-term operational excellence, you can meet your customer where they need you to be.

Operate excellently with the right partner by your side

Proactive support

  • Avoid downtime with proactive, remote resolution of hardware issues
  • Get help via phone, email or chat from your dedicated customer success manager and their team
  • Install, activate and stay up and running faster with a support team available to everyone in your organization

A team focused on your success

  • Access insights that confirm your hunches and open new possibilities from our team
  • Reference and take action toward growth through custom quarterly reports
  • View your success anytime with an on-demand analytics dashboard

Empower your business today

Grow your retail business by understanding your in-store traffic, peak hours, conversion rates and marketing effectiveness.

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