Customer story: Simple foot traffic visibility is 'table stakes' for Retail Toolkit

Retail Toolkit, a store management and retail analytics platform for specialty retailers, needed more reliable, easy-to-deploy foot traffic data to provide a superior experience and greater insights to their users.

By partnering with Dor in over 90 percent of their customers’ locations, Retail Toolkit further delivers on their mission: Empowering specialty retailers to actually understand data trends in their business, reducing the “operational swivel chair” of pivoting between information sources to make decisions.

“With Dor, traffic data helps us paint with more color. We feel very strongly that this data point helps our algorithms and helps a better overall story. [...] This simple visibility is table stakes.”

The added foot traffic visibility further strengthens their technology to be used to reduce emotional barriers and guesswork in specialty retail, freeing up shop owners to be more operationally excellent and make each customer interaction count in their stores.

In this case study, General Manager, Daniel Kowalke, and Customer Success Manager, Justin Bolinger, share their perspective on:

  • Why Retail Toolkit sees foot traffic data as “table stakes” for a successful retail business
  • How Dor’s ease of deployment allows Retail Toolkit to offer a consistent, high-quality customer experience
  • Why point-of-sale transaction history alone isn’t an effective metric for labor planning, especially in specialty retail
  • How they use Dor to provide higher cost savings in labor management and greater nuance into inventory planning and marketing automation

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