4WP Case Study: From Operating Blind to Counting Every Customer

4 Wheel Parts, a global leader in the automotive industry maintaining the nation’s largest inventory of off-road tires, wheels, suspension products and accessories, needed visibility into foot traffic data to determine whether different stores were succeeding or not.

By continuing to operate without insight on foot traffic for their national chain of stores, 4WP went from operating blind to counting every customer by partnering with Dor, now deployed to 100 percent of their stores.

"4WP’s successful deployment had over 50% of their sensors installed within 24 hours and about 1.4 days (33.6 hours) to be installed in all 93 stores. On average, camera-based systems take four to six weeks to get everything installed compared to Dor’s peel and stick self-installation process. On the backend of all installations, our customer success team is monitoring the full process so if there are issues, we can proactively reach them out."

Transamerican Auto Parts (4WP) Senior Director, Evan Keller, responsible for store footprint, performance, and e-commerce business, shares his perspective on:

• Why 4WP sought out for a people counting solution and found Dor
• How Dor’s smooth installation process allowed 4WP insight on data within 24 hours
• How customer support was proactive all throughout the deployment process
• Key insights 4WP found having foot traffic data

Download our case study below to learn more about how 4WP got visibility into foot traffic across 100% of their stores.

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