Customer story: Original Mattress Factory's 'secret weapon behind the scenes'

National mattress brand Original Mattress Factory is renowned for eliminating the middleman in manufacturing and traditional retail markups, but when they approached Dor, they had one last middleman in their in-store operations to eliminate: Foot traffic data counted manually by staff.

Original Mattress Factory needed a simple, affordable, scalable retail analytics solution to measure marketing impact and forecast foot traffic for their stores that cut out the possibility of human error in manual counts.

“Dor is our secret weapon behind the scenes.”

In 2018, the Original Mattress Factory team adjusted Charlotte, NC store hours while also pivoting their marketing strategy away from impression buys and toward targeted marketing. However, they didn’t have accurate foot traffic counts to measure the retail success of these new initiatives.

“The problem that we have here is that traffic data has always been recorded manually,” said Robert Odom, Director of Sales and Marketing, Charlotte, NC. Odom’s past personal experience steered the Original Mattress Factory team away from purchasing a camera-based retail analytics solution, citing calibration hassles, time wasted troubleshooting, high installation costs and low ROI as top detractors from a camera counting solution.

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Original Mattress Factory reviewed retail analytics solutions using the criteria of cost, accuracy, upfront versus long-term investment, and technology. Dor posed an affordable and simple alternative that could still scale with the company’s growth, while resolving their inaccurate manual count challenge. “For us, it's taking out that human variable and having something that is consistent across all locations,” said Odom.

“I just installed another one of our Dor sensors today, took me not even five minutes. I don't know anybody who couldn't install it. So far it's been incredibly reliable. [...] I have zero complaints on your product, and I'm just excited to continue to get data and be able to do something with it.”

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  • How Original Mattress Factory delivered provable return on their investment with quicker sensor installation and solution calibration

  • How their team stopped relying on untrustworthy manual counts from staff using more reliable insights from Dor

  • How Original Mattress Factory uses Dor to forecast monthly foot traffic volume, measure marketing impact, keep tabs on low-performing stores, and identify which staff need education and training

  • How data fluctuations can be used as signals for areas needing operational improvements

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Photo via Original Mattress Factory

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