About our software

Dor is a web-based analytics platform that makes it easy to explore foot traffic trends at all of your locations and track how operational decisions create change for your business.


  • Foot Traffic: Analyze foot traffic in different time ranges and see foot traffic rankings for all of your locations.
  • Trends: Identify high- and low-demand periods to make informed decisions about staff scheduling.
  • Conversion: See your number of transactions, your average transaction value and revenue per visitor via point of sale integration. Compare foot traffic to revenue and conversion rate trends.
  • Explore: Export all of your data, as granularly as hourly counts, for each of your locations. View how grouped locations perform against each other.
  • Locations: Tag and sort your locations to measure performance easily. Manage device rollout and activation completely within Dor by tracking shipments, monitoring the setup process across all locations, and managing device status.

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