Customer story: Filling HPM Building Supply's data void

HPM Building Supply is a retailer involved in its own supply chain.

It’s both a manufacturer and retailer serving contractors and DIY-ers in Hawaii, providing building materials and tools, while also manufacturing their own custom lumber products and metal roofing.

The company has survived a world war and a tsunami since its beginnings in 1921; with an employee ownership model and a sophisticated ERP framework, HPM continues to stay relevant and expand their capacity to serve customers.

Driven by a need for more intel on their brick-and-mortar retail performance, Director of IT Tim Minick implemented Dor to gather foot traffic data. Here’s how that new data point is helping them grow.

“If I'm going to have an intelligent conversation with somebody regarding any one of a number of marketing issues, it’s almost a necessity that we have all the data that we can have to have that discussion. Foot traffic is yet another data set that helps us better understand where we stand and how effective we are.”

The details contained in this case study include:

  • Discovery including the disparity of cost, maintenance and accuracy;
  • Installation and integration of Dor;
  • The impact of having retail foot traffic analytics in-hand at the six-month mark and their expectations for the future

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