Customer story: Clothes Mentor grows their success with foot traffic analytics

Without a traffic count, you’re dangerously assuming too much about your business. That’s the data-driven point of view that led Adam Scott to Dor.

As a franchisee with Clothes Mentor, a women’s apparel resale retailer, he needed to calculate his in-store conversion rate to better understand whether to focus his resources on marketing or the sales floor. Scott couldn’t waste his time manually collecting inaccurate data from a break-beam.

Now with hourly foot traffic counts he can access anywhere, Scott is making more data-informed decisions for his stores without those dangerous assumptions, and his leadership is inspiring others in his franchise community to do the same.

“In retail, you’ve got to know your traffic and your conversion of that traffic. Without it you leave way too many things to assumption. That data’s important to me, the way Dor provides it.”

Learn how using Dor for foot traffic analytics has directly led to these benefits for Clothes Mentor:

  • Quantifying how a week of 10 percent fewer conversions translates to a loss of $5,000
  • Adjusting marketing and staffing to recover lost revenue and meet sales goals
  • Identifying weakest shifts for sales; adjusting staff training accordingly
  • Making decisions on-the-go with Dor using the mobile app
  • Reliably accurate visitor counts
  • Amassing data for year-over-year insights

Download the case study now:

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