How it works


Two devices, one purpose:
Working seamlessly to collect and
deliver your store’s foot traffic data.

Actually accurate

Traditional break-beams count objects like carts and strollers, while cameras need constant calibration.

Dor uses proprietary low-power thermal detection and machine learning algorithms, ensuring industry-leading accuracy with zero maintenance.

Assembled in the U.S.

We're proud to responsibly manufacture our hardware in Dallas. Dor ships from our shelf to your doorstep in just days while aligning with our high standard of quality.

Installs in minutes

Dor requires no professional installation, no drilling holes, and no running ethernet or power. Simply peel and stick on your door.

Leave IT to innovate

Dor runs on its own secure cellular network, so there's no need to worry about setting up network access or firewalls. Since everything's already included in Dor, your IT team can spend more time innovating and solving other business problems.

Set it and forget it

Unlike cameras or break-beams, Dor doesn’t require constant calibration and maintenance. Dor starts counting accurately and stays that way, and the sensor’s easily-replaceable AA batteries last for over a year.