Top 10 tools for enhancing your store employee experience

Customers are demanding a great in-store experience. Thus, this expectation should be a top priority for your business. To ensure positive customer experiences on your retail floor, start with empowering your employees.

According to TimeTrade, 88 percent of consumers said that when they have been helped by knowledgeable associates they are “somewhat likely” or “extremely likely” to make the purchase. Online shopping can’t compare to a great in-store experience when your visitors receive high-quality service from engaged employees.

Here are some apps to help empower your store employees in topics such as shift planning, payroll management, recruitment, performance reviews etc.


Zipline helps retailers coordinate their stores by streamlining HQ-field communications while centralizing and customizing messages easily.

How they empower teams: Zipline helps teams move faster, be more productive and have more visibility in your organization by “Ziplining” your stores’ communication.

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AllWork makes connecting and working together easier for talent and businesses.

How they empower teams: AllWork helps companies manage their remote workforce and optimize their talent spend while providing workers with the ability to take control of their schedules, access new opportunities and maximize their income potential.

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Deputy is an award-winning tool for managing the workforce.

How they empower teams: Deputy gives you insight over your business and workforce management. Some features include simplifying your scheduling, timesheets, employee communication and administration tasks.

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Hero's priority is to change the way the world shops by combining physical store and e-commerce, making it a lot more personal.

How they empower teams: Hero’s application represents a new way of working, giving them access to millions of online shoppers and not just customers passing through the store.

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Kudos is a simple and efficient system for recognizing employees.

How they empower teams: Kudos was designed to engage and empower teams with enhanced communication, collaboration, and peer-to-peer recognition to help build a better culture.

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Paycom is an HR technology product providing solutions for talent, time and labor, payroll, and HR management.

How they empower teams: Paycom enables employees to take the initiative of their own HR information.

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Planday’s main focus is to drive managers and employees to work smarter.

How they empower teams: Planday helps businesses and employees collaborate by using shift planning, easy communication, streamlined HR processes, and online and mobile time.

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Tulip assists companies to transform their shop floors digitally and gain real-time visibility in days of their production.

How they empower teams: Tulip allows manufacturers to build applications designed to streamline factory management processes. This helps in collecting data from people, machines, and other processes involved in your daily manufacturing operations.

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When I Work

When I Work uses text messaging, email, push notifications, and the web to communicate, alert, and notify your employees.

How they empower teams: Their product makes clocking in-and-out of your shifts easy, gives you the ability to track payroll hours quickly and conveniently, and prepare data for payroll processing.

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The HCM system from Workday enables users to build strong employee teams by searching for talent and job profiles.

How they empower teams: Workday HCM helps managers and HR teams gain greater visibility in all operations of the workforce and prepare organizations for growth and expansion.

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