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Retailers, facility managers, nonprofits, museums and other industries that depend on foot traffic need a powerful platform to streamline the way they use traffic data to make operational decisions. We’re proud to present the newest version of Dor, which illuminates your opportunities for growth more clearly than ever before.

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Look at foot traffic in different time intervals like weeks and months, and see foot traffic rankings for all of your locations

Foot traffic analytics from Dor | Dashboard

Instead of toggling between locations, get a high-level view of your foot traffic performance on Dor's new dashboard. Take a look at all locations together, locations grouped in tags, or an individual location. Analyze data by time periods you use to make business decisions every day, like the last 28 days or this week. See your busiest locations ranked so you can find top performers quickly without digging.


See how well you’re converting visitors to customers with deeper visibility into your sales performance via your POS integration

Foot traffic analytics from Dor | Sales

The insights you can get by integrating your POS with Dor just became much more valuable. See how many people leave your store without making a purchase and quantify your lost revenue potential. With this data accessible, it's easier to optimize your staffing and marketing accordingly and recover that loss. Compare foot traffic, revenue and conversion rates to analyze when your stores perform well and when you need to adjust operational factors to optimize for conversions.

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See the past week’s or past four weeks’ foot traffic broken down by hour and day alongside weather forecasts for smarter, simpler staff scheduling

Foot traffic analytics from Dor | Staffing

Designed as your weekly schedule planning sidekick, Staffing equips you with hourly foot traffic trends so you can schedule employees around demand more easily than before. View a single location to see a corresponding weather forecast so you can correlate weather to staffing.

There's plenty of evidence proving how staffing to meet visitor demand can benefit your organization. MIT Sloan recently found that surveyed retailers were losing up to $2,380 in weekly gross margins per location because they weren't staffing according to foot traffic trends. Staffing in Dor helps you get the increased visibility you need to optimize for potential sales and drive efficiency.

Just a few ways Staffing can help you optimize your operations:

  • Plan more staff around high traffic and reduce staff during lower traffic
  • Schedule bathroom cleanings or preventative maintenance for low-traffic periods
  • Increase marketing spend around low-traffic days to bring in more visitors
  • Increase staff according to predicted weather that typically brings in high traffic
  • Quantify hiring needs to your team


Compare foot traffic volume across individual or tagged locations to identify high- and low-performing stores at a high level

Foot traffic analytics from Dor | Explore

In Explore, you're only limited by your location tag creativity. Compare up to eight different locations or tags with flexible date ranges to understand the full impact of an initiative or sale, measure volume according to different places in your building, track your highest and lowest performers more closely, or compare regions. Export your data when necessary for your custom use.


Tag and sort your locations according to regions, marketing campaigns and more to measure performance easily

Foot traffic analytics from Dor | Locations

In Locations, manage all your stores from one convenient place. Sort by least or most foot traffic to take quick action on notable locations. You'll be alerted here if any of your locations are experiencing device issues along with any action steps you need to take. Navigate to "Manage Location Tags" to create and assign locations tags however you see fit.

Suggestions for Locations tags:

  • Geographic regions
  • Top and low performers
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Opportunity and destination locations
  • Oldest and newest locations
  • Floors or sections of your buildings

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